Stick wars

Now one of the most popular and highest-rated Stick Wars games comes on mobile!

About stickman game mode

Stick Wars is a 2D strategy game that allows you to play thrilling battles against different enemies. When you start playing games you only have limited resources, play different game modes to improve your units and you need to be ruthless on the battlefield.

Play the Stick Wars game which is one of the biggest, most fun, challenging, and addictive stick figure game. Control your army or play with every unit, you have to control every stake man. You have to build units, learn my gold, sword, spare, archer, mag, and even giant method. Eliminate your enemy statues, and capture all Territories!

Stick war gameplay

You can look at the top of the screen you’ll see buttons to create units. There are two options: you can keep your troops in defensive or in attack mode. You will need gold to build your units. You need workers to get this gold, so you have to maintain a good balance between the number of fighters and the number of workers.

Keep the flow of resources. Also, remember that you have to keep your army strong so that you can defeat the enemy invaders and destroy their strongholds. Getting victory you can get points that are helpful in upgrading your troops like you can improve the speed of your troops, or increase the damage of archers. Can you conquer the world of sticks by your abilities to win the battle?

Stick War game online

Stick War is becoming the most favorite game, now the online version of stick war is available to download. You are in a world of sticks, you need to build your base. Also, you need to attack other players to gain stat points. These points will help you in upgrading your troops.

You can unlock new units that will help you on the battlefield. Upgrading them will increase your chance of winning.

Stick wars

Stick war multiplayer

Stick war based on territorial war, the controls of the game are very simple. There is a regional battle in which is you against another player, which means you can play with your friend. On your device screen, there is a game option. This area shows the team names and how many players are remaining in the field also there is an option of quitting the game or you can check out the map. Moreover, you have two options: Move and stay, you can only move for a limited amount.

Then, whether you are standing or walking, attack options will appear. Attack options will appear directly and can be accessed by Keyboard. Find only the numbers on the left that can cause heavy damage to the grenades and hit many targets. The gun hits only one target, but with accuracy can immediately stop the killing headshot. The boot causes very little damage but can knock someone off the stage for a quick killing. Unlock more stages to increase your rewards. Face different missions and challenges to increase your reward.

Play now the Stick War multiplayer with your favorite person.

Stick wars, how to beat the giants?

In Stick Wars, to defeat a giant you only need swordwrath, after which the giant temple attack is triggered, which because he deprives the giant of his loss. The jump attack pushes you forward. The same strategy works in Stick War: Legacy.

How to throw a spear in stick wars legacy?

If you want easy access or a good shot, then the spear can do the job for you. This can give them a weaker blade. Throwing spears can only be inherited from the original stick war and stick war.

If you want to use a spear, you can go down and then attack to the right again.

How to beat ice hills on stick wars?

You can beat ice hills on Stick War. The best thing is to defend at first and then use the sword, and use your jump attack to repel the attacks of the giant, while the giant is also damaged, because he is still very much.

Stick wars what upgrades should you use?

The most important resource in Stick War is gold because when you start playing the game you don’t have enough gold. You need gold to train units. So your first priority should be collecting gold.

How many troops are in stick wars?

There are 20 troops limit in stick wars, all units in your army use only 1 space. This means you can use 20 troops

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